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Company Profile

Corporate Name: Wasabi Kikaku, Inc.
Office: 237 West 115th Street, Suite 3C, New York, NY 10026
TEL: 212-777-777
Established: December, 2002
President / CEO: Matsumoto, Kazuyuki

Multimedia consulting & management

  • Managing & running websites, including e-commerce sites
  • Managing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Managing & developing Google Adwords, Facebook or YouTube Ads
  • Updating & revamping websites to improve SEO
  • Re-examining cost-benefit analyses of current media
  • Analyzing and drafting reports for Google Analytics
  • Media Planning & Buying

Multimedia content development

  • Develop responsive websites using WordPress
  • Develop e-commerce sites using Shopify
  • Copywriting in Japanese & English
  • System development with PHP and MySQL
  • Develop animation with computer graphics
  • Develop HD/4K movies for TVCM, YouTube, and websites
  • Design for print ads, leaflets, pamphlets, catalogues, and postcards


  • Approach both Japanese and non-Japanese media outlets in North America
  • Develop/Distribute Press Release
  • Media Tracking


  • Events
  • Translation
  • SP Tools
  • Displays